for Knowledge Communities: the Publisher Website

If you have a publisher website in CGPublisher you will have public and private spaces where you will be able to:

The Public View
  • post your logo or other images.
  • make your contact details public.
  • maintain a community diary or weblog.
  • make links to other sites of interest.
  • have a bookstore, where your published works appear (and simultaneously appear in your authors' personal websites).
  • have full access to the HTML and CSS so you can change the look and feel of your site (advanced users).
The Private View
  • manage your publisher website.
  • review and accept or reject publishing proposals.
  • access your authors’ works-in-progress.
  • keep a record of version development (keeping each successive draft, as well as a copy of the final work that becomes a published edition ... until you start working on new drafts towards a new edition).
  • keep a record of messages connected to each work, mirrored in emails and capturing incoming emails.
  • create products, available for free distribution or sale.
  • maintain an online bookstore (a secure e-commerce facility).
  • manage orders for digital as well as physical products such as CDs and printed books.All orders made through the bookstores in the authors’ personal websites also come to the publisher.

The publishing model: Knowledge Producing Communities

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