The Power to Publish

CGPublisher gives knowledge-producing communities the power to be publishers.

Knowledge-producing communities are groups of people who have important local, specialist or professional knowledge, but who are still largely reliant on outside knowledge sources and forms of communication, such as Big Publishing, Big Media and Big IT. They include:

who are burdened by the high costs of inventory - all those boxes of books - as well as the terrible cost of conventional bookstore distribution, sometimes up to two-thirds of the sale price. CGPublisher not only manages the whole publishing workflow but it gives the publisher a direct online point of sale, as well as a bookstore and website for every author, who, after all is often the best salesperson for a book. Most importantly, it provides a simple and easy-to-use scaffold which can easily and inexpensively turn would-be publishers into publishers—a point of common knowledge creation for voluntary communities of shared interest, or the tools for setting up a commercial publishing company. Find out more about CGPublisher for Publishers.
who want to produce their own learning resources, simply because they are of a better quality and more relevant to their learners than generic textbooks. Besides, this is a way to maintain and build their own professional knowledge base, and showcase it to the world. And it provides an easy access point for the whole school community as well as a place where learner work can be published. Imagine every teacher and every learner with their own personal website, and the school as the publisher of all that knowledge. Find out more about CGPublisher for Schools.
who want to keep control of their own research knowledge rather than hand it over for now to Big Publishing, which charges monopoly prices to buy it back. Every department, every research centre, every research degree program can become a publisher with all the rigours of one-way or two-way blind refereeing and rapid publication. They may make these works available for free, or choose to sell electronic or physical products through online bookstores. This is the future of the University Press. Find out more about CGPublisher for Universities.
in the private, public and community sector who want to find a systematic but nevertheless decentralised way of sharing knowledge, making it available across the organisation and publicly. Every member of the organisation has a personal portfolio site; and the organisation can have a nested hierarchy of community (division, team, project group) sites. Find out more about CGPublisher for Organisations.

Why the Web is not Publishing

Well, it’s not really publishing. The phrase ‘web publishing’ is used all the time, but we call that ‘posting’, not ‘publishing’. There’s something special and extra about publishing and that’s the formal collaborative process of refining a work, and the measure of quality that comes with the imprimatur of an external body. There are also the potential benefits of making your work available through conventional online and physical channels such as bookstores and libraries. This is why books are different to the web, and why the world’s best literature and most important knowledge is still in books. CGPublisher brings publishing to the web.

But CGPublisher uses all the good things about the web—easy posts of information by authors and publishers on their websites, providing an up-to-date point of interest alongside their bookstores, and using all the collaborative potentials of online content management.

CGPublisher Enables People

CGPublisher is an enabling technology. It returns the source of creativity and the control of knowledge to the communities which create that knowledge. It does everything that Big Publishing, Big Media and Big IT have always done, but it’s easy to use and inexpensive.

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